If you’re a professional in the restaurant industry, chef, food journalist, agri-food product marketer, biologist, health professional, tourism professional, catering or cooking teacher, student, mycologist or just passionate about the world of fungi, then don’t miss Soria Gastronómica 2018.

This year, we’re holding a multidisciplinary congress where fungi will be the common denominator, bringing together various fields of knowledge and creating a unique event in which leading figures and top professionals in the fields of gastronomy, biology, science, business, travel, etc. will all be taking part.
During the congress, Soria Gastronómica will be focusing on gastronomic and scientific topics, complemented with food demonstrations and workshops, with the aim of being a place for professional attendees to meet and exchange experiences.

So take advantage of this new chance to learn, enjoy and share knowledge and impressions with the best national and international experts from the world of mycology: mushroom recipes, combinations, qualities, natural environment, marketing… All during a conference that is again committed to specialising in fungi in the province of Soria, a mycological paradise that is pioneering in Castilla y León and in the world.